Part A: A heated debate

In this activity you will take on a role and join a lobby group.  Your task is to work with other group members to create a pamphlet for your organisation.  This activity does not require you to express your personal opinion on these issues.

In discussion with your teacher, you will join or be assigned to one of the following fictional lobby groups:

  • Society for Population Control
  • Save Asylum Seekers
  • Australia for Australians
  • Australians for Economic Development
  • Promote Multicultural Australia
  • Australian Peace Coalition

Working with your group you must brainstorm, discuss and develop answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the policies and aims of your organisation, particularly those that relate to immigration and citizenship?
  2. What outcomes do you hope to achieve for Australia when your policies are implemented?  What will Australia look like at this time?
  3. Are there Australian traditions or historic events that shape the aims of your organisation?  In what ways do your aims reflect or respond to policy positions in the past?
  4. What are some possible unintended consequences of your policies?  What might your critics say about your organisation and its aims?

Use your group's answers to these questions and work together to create a pamphlet for your organisation.  Each answer should help you to fill particular areas of the pamphlet.

To download and save your editable pamphlet template, click on your assigned group name below.  Click in each area, beneath the headings, to enter your text.
(These templates can also be printed and completed by hand)