About Difference Differently

The Difference Differently Approach

Difference Differently embeds diversity education within the core curriculum areas of English, History, Geography and Civics and Citizenship.  This ensures teachers can easily and justifiably incorporate developing intercultural understanding into their existing curriculum priorities.  The learning strategies used in the resource to develop intercultural understanding reflect current research and the Australian Curriculum.

Difference Differently utilises a blended-learning model; students complete activities online but each one is supported by suggested teacher-led classroom activities.  This approach caters for differing learning styles and develops a variety of skills.  The interactive nature of the online environment also encourages students to share their perspectives and understandings with others, facilitating a shared journey of knowledge construction.

While the modules often adopt an inquiry learning approach, they are also designed to be flexible.  Each module contains three or four learning activities, which are complementary but can be used as stand-alone activities.  The online components can be adapted for use with individual students, small groups or with a whole class, using a smart board.

As self-awareness and reflective thinking is an essential aspect of diversity education, Difference Differently incorporates a variety of thinking strategies, including Visible Thinking routines from the Harvard Project Zero.