Identity, for all of us, is complex.  The way we see ourselves is influenced by personal, social, national and international factors.  Complete the following three activities to explore your understandings of identity.

Activity 1: Cultural identity

Being aware of your own cultural identity is an important aspect of intercultural understanding.  Complete the following quiz to explore aspects of your cultural identity.  When you have completed the quiz, you will be brought back to this page.

Activity 2: Multiple identities

Watch these two videos and listen to how Gracia and Nelufer answer the question: Can you be Australian and something else?


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Gracia and Nelufer, like many Australians, have complex cultural identities.  Being 'Australian' is only one of the labels they use to describe their identities:

  • Do you think this makes Gracia and Nelufer less Australian than others?
  • Do you think this could make them less loyal to Australia?
  • Do you think it is fair to ask these questions about Gracia, Nelufer and others who are Australian and 'something else'?
  • What do you think that it means to be 'Australian'?

Activity 3: National identity

Watch this video about Australia Day.

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  • Who do you relate to most?

  • What does Australia Day mean to you?