About Difference Differently

Parents & Community

Difference Differently is a free online resource for all Australian schools, which aims to teach young Australians how to live in a diverse world.

The resource has been developed by the Together for Humanity Foundation with funding from the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.  Closely aligned with the new Australian Curriculum, Difference Differently aims to build young Australians' intercultural understanding.  In a world increasingly characterised by global integration, young people need to meet the challenges and opportunities that diversity can offer.

Watch this short video where Di Giblin, the CEO of the Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO), explains why this resource is important.

The aim of Difference Differently is not to teach students about specific religions or cultures, rather it provides students with the knowledge and skills to contribute productively to a diverse Australia.  It is suitable for students from all cultural backgrounds and sensitively raises issues relating to identity, beliefs, belonging and discrimination.