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Australia Day: A day with many meanings

Australia Day is celebrated across the nation with a public holiday each year on January 26.  It marks the day in 1788 that the First Fleet arrived in Sydney Cove and that British sovereignty was proclaimed.

Watch this video where four Australians – Lex, Nathan, Jess, and Mohamed – describe their thoughts and feelings about Australia Day.

This resource will help students consider and develop multiple perspectives, empathise with others and discuss ways of reconciling different viewpoints.

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Teaching about difference... differently

Explore diversity with this free interactive online resource.  Aligned to the Australian Curriculum, Difference Differently offers modules in English, History, Geography and Civics & Citizenship for students in Years 3 to 10.

Through the use of video, audio, images, quizzes and interactive learning activities, Difference Differently helps develop young Australians' intercultural understanding.

Complemented by professional learning modules for teachers, Difference Differently is a powerful and engaging resource suitable for all Australian schools.


Why is it important that students learn about diversity and difference?