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1IntroMeet the Team
2PrimaryHow should we work with people from different countries and cultures?
3PrimaryWhy do you dress like that?
4PrimaryHow is religion relevant in the world today?
5PrimaryHave you been discriminated against or faced prejudice?
6PrimaryWhat are your most important values?
7PrimaryDoes being religious make you a better person?
8PrimaryWhat does it mean to be Australian?
9PrimaryDoes your culture or religion influence the way you feel about food?
10PrimaryIs it possible to be Australian and something else?
11PrimaryDoes your religion or culture influence the way you think about the environment?
12PrimaryWhy is there so much prejudice and conflict in the world today?
13PrimaryHow do you feel when crises and conflicts happen?
14PrimaryDo non-religious people still have beliefs?
15PrimaryHow would you respond to world poverty?
16PrimaryDo you see Australia as a multicultural country?
17PrimaryIf you believe in your religion, does that mean everyone else is wrong?
18PrimaryWhat happens to people after they die?
19PrimaryDo Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in the same God?
20PrimaryWhy do people with similar religions and cultures often live in the same areas of Australia?
21SecondaryDo you think we all discriminate at times?
22SecondaryShould migrants integrate into Australian culture?
23SecondaryIs there something about your culture, religion, or society you don't like?
24SecondaryWhat are your thoughts on evolution?
25SecondaryHow do you feel about people who disagree with your beliefs or religion?
26SecondaryIs there a dominant culture in Australia?
27SecondaryHow do you feel about fundamentalism and extremism?
28SecondaryWhy do people stereotype and assume things about others?
29SecondaryDoes your culture or religion influence your views about homosexuality and gay issues?
30SecondaryDo you feel responsible for others' actions in the name of your nation, culture or faith?
31SecondaryDoes your religion or culture influence your views on sex?