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adherentssupporters or followers
aliensterm used to label people who were not citizens (people with full rights) in a country
allergicto have a reaction to specific foods, plants or animals, that makes one unwell
alliterationrepetition of the same letter at the start of words positioned closely within a sentence e.g. the trees leaves trembled and trailed in the wind
appeasementgranting concessions to please others
ascendedto go up or rise e.g. to heaven
assumptionsguesses about a person or thing that are not based on evidence
barbieslang word for barbeque, used in Australia
bikinia two-piece swimming costume for women
Bollywooda type of Indian film with lots of singing, dancing and romance
burqaveil worn by some Muslim women which covers their face
ceremonyan event to remember or observe an occasion or a belief
compassionkindness and sympathy
conciliationbringing people with differing perspectives together to create understanding or reach an agreement
consecrateddeclared to be sacred
Council of Clermonta meeting of Catholic Church members in Novemebr 1095 at Clermont in France
Crusadera series of military campaigns in the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth centuries led by European Christians to reclaim the Holy Land from the Muslims
cultural practicesways of doing things that are associated with a particular cultural group
defamationwrongly harming a person's reputation, or attacking their character without evidence to support the claims that are made
depictedshown or represented
deportationthe removal of non-citizens from a country
desolateempty, deserted
destituteliving in poverty
discriminationto make a distinction, as in favour of or against a person or thing. Often used with reference to the treatment of racial, religious, cultural or sexual groups
diversitya mix of different people or things
dominant cultural or racial groupthe ethnic, racial or religious group that has the greatest number of members and/or influence in a community or society
dumpedword used to describe what happens when a wave crashes down on a swimmer at the beach when they are not ready
dumplingssteamed round parcels of dough with a meat or fruit filling
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emotive languagewords or phrases that draw a strong emotional response from the reader
endowmenta gift
enfoldedheld in, enclosed
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equityimpartial and fair
eradicateget rid off, end
ethnicitythe language, religion and cultural practices associated with groups of people
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evidencethe information obtained from sources that is valuable for a particular inquiry
excludeddeliberately left out, or prevented from getting something
facilitybuilding and service
full bloodedterm used in the past to describe people not of mixed race, considered inappropriate today
greenhouse gasgases released from earth that act as a shield trapping heat in the earth's atmosphere, causing global warming
habitationa place for living or residing
half-castean offensive term used in previous eras to describe some Aboriginal people
Hebrewtraditional language of Jewish people
Holdena type of car popular in Australia
humanitarianpromoting human dignity, relieving suffering, improving living conditions
ignorantnot knowing about things
implementedput into effect
inclusiveincluding representatives of a range of groups, rather than only portraying or accepting members of a majority group
inferencean assumption or conclusion drawn from information provided
infrastructurea structure or organisation that is very important to a community
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lanterna portable light, often surrounded by coloured paper
League of Nationsan organisation of world nations, from 1919 to 1946, which aimed to promote peace and cooperation
legacysomething handed down, or a consequence
Letter to the EditorMost newspapers include a Letters to the Editor section. These letters allow the public to express their opinion about articles that have been printed in the newspaper. Letters to the Editor are more likely to be printed if they focus on a recent topic and clearly express the writer`s point of view.
maternalrelating to mothers
Meccacity in Saudi Arabia which is the spiritual centre of Islam
migrationpeople moving from one country to another
mosquesplaces of worship for Muslims
naturalisedformally accepted as a British subject (now known as a citizen)
naturalised2formally accepted as a citizen of a country one has migrated to
nocturnaloccurring at night
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onomatopoeiausing a word that sounds like what is being said e.g. purr, plop
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ornamentsobjects or statues used as displays in homes or gardens
perceptionsthe way you interpret things you see, hear, touch and smell
perspectivesways of thinking about something
perspectives2different ways of interpreting books, images, situations or other things based on different life experiences
philanthropista person who helps others, often by giving financial support
pilgrimagesjourney to a sacred place
piousbehaviour based on religious motives
portrayedrepresented in words, images or movement
portraysrepresents in words, movement or images
prejudiceforming opinions, often unfavourable, which are not based on knowledge or experience
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primary sourcesIn History, primary sources are objects and documents created or written during the time being investigated, for example during an event or very soon after. Examples of primary sources include official documents such as laws and treaties; personal documents such as diaries and letters; and others such as photographs; film and documentaries. These original, first hand accounts are analysed by historians to answer questions about the past. (Australian Curriculum)
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proclaimeddeclared or announced
promotionalmarketing or advertising
prophetsomeone who speaks on behalf of a god
public holidaya day set aside to remember or celebrate an event; many people do not have to work or go to school on these days
racial vilificationencouraging or inciting others to hate people on the basis of their race or country of origin
racismoffensive or aggressive behaviour to members of another race, based on the belief that races have distinctive characteristics
religious affiliationthe religion that a person says they practice or are connected with
repatriationthe return of people to their country of origin
resurrectedbrought to life again
Richard the LionheartKing Richard 1, King of England from 1189 to 1199
ripperword used in Australia to describe something as being really good or exciting
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secondary sourcesIn History, secondary sources are accounts about the past that were created after the time being investigated and which often use or refer to primary sources and present a particular interpretation.  Examples of secondary sources include writings of historians, encyclopaedia, documentaries, history textbooks, and websites.  (Australian Curriculum)
Six Day Wara conflict in June 1967 between Israeli forces and forces from neighbouring countries, in which Israel gained control over Jerusalem
sodgrass and soil
sourcesany written or non-written materials that can be used to investigate the past
sovereigntypower or authority to govern
stereotypesa stereotype is a simplistic image or representation which defines groups of people in narrow ways
stereotypes2simplified, and often offensive, descriptions of a group of people that label them by just one of their characteristics
synagoguesJewish places of worship
target audiencethe particular group of people that something is created to appeal to
templea place for worship
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transportedsent to a colony as a prisoner for punishment
try thishere is the description from the glossary
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tumulta disturbance; often noisy
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zonedan area that must be used for a specific purpose