Part A: Going on exchange


Who are you?
G'day, my name's Jacob.  I'm 13.  I'm from a small town up north.
What's it like in the area where you live?
This is my country.  It is beautiful here.  It's real hot and we have waterholes, red soil and lots of good places to explore.  You should come and see it!
Who lives at your house?
I live with my mum, my three sisters and also my aunties.  It gets pretty crowded here but we can always make room for extras.
What's your family like?
I've got family all around here.  They'll take you round and look after you.
What sort of food do you eat at home?
We eat lots of fish if we can catch it.  We also eat the usual stuff from the store.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I do some fishing, go swimming in the local pool or at a waterhole, hang out with my friends around town or just watch a bit of TV.  I play footy on Saturdays as well.
What are your friends like?
They're all good.  We take it easy and try to have fun.  I hang out with boys and girls 'cause we all go to school together.
What's it like at your school?
My school has little kids and high school kids because it is the only one in the area.  Most of the students are Aboriginal, but not all of them.  We have some nice teachers.