Part C: Being Australian

Do you think you can be Australian and something else?

Some Australians identify themselves as Australian and 'something else'.  For example someone may describe him or herself as an Indian Australian or as a Jewish Australian.

Watch the following videos where Gracia and Nelufer answer this question.


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Gracia and Nelufer, like many Australians, have complex cultural identities.  Being 'Australian' is only one of the labels they use to describe their identities:

  • Do you think this makes Gracia and Nelufer less Australian than others?
  • Do you think this could make them less loyal to Australia?
  • Do you think it is fair to ask these questions about Gracia, Nelufer and others who are Australian and 'something else'?

Think about the questionnaire, the videos and your answers to the questions above.  What do you think that it means to be 'Australian'?