Part B: Meet the characters

What do you think about multicultural retirement homes?  Do you think they have a place in Australia today?  Some people have firm opinions about this and other similar issues.

When people feel strongly about an article they have read in a newspaper or online, they often share their opinion with other readers by sending a Letter to the Editor.

Your task is to take on the role of one of the following characters — Raphael Smithton, Lily Johnston, Mehmet Faruk or Alisha Nguyen — and write a Letter to the Editor telling other people what you think about the proposed retirement village.

Read the character descriptions below and think about how each person might answer the following questions:

  • What will the development of this retirement village mean to you?
  • Do you support or oppose the development of a multicultural retirement village?

Alisha Nguyen

You are the mother of a family with three young children living next door to the site of the proposed retirement village.  You are a Vietnamese Australian and you believe elderly people should be cared for by their families.  You are a nurse and your husband works in a bank.

Mehmet Faruk

You are 68 years of age and live in the suburb next door to Farrer, where the retirement village is to be located.  You were born and raised in Turkey but immigrated to Australia 15 years ago to be closer to your son, who lives in Canberra.  Your wife passed away a few years ago and you are now retired and living alone.

Lily Johnston

You are 72 years of age and live alone in the Canberra suburb of Farrer.  You were born in Australia as were your parents.  You have recently noticed that many migrants have moved into your area.  Your husband died many years ago, but you have many friends and family living nearby.  Your health is not as good as it was.

Raphael Smithon

You are the owner of a company that provides aged-care services.  Your company has been hired to run the new Mandir Ashram multicultural retirement village in Canberra.  You are very excited about this new project.

Now it's time to use your imagination and pretend that you are Alisha, Mehmet, Lily or Raphael.  Who will you be?  Make your decision and then write your Letter to the Editor expressing an opinion on this issue.