Part B: Why do you dress like that?

Watch the following three videos to learn what Sujato, Nelufer, and Haisam say about wearing, or not wearing clothes that are connected to their religion.  Each person is answering the question: Why do you dress like that?

Watch this video to hear Sujato answer the question.

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How do you think Sujato feels about the robes that he wears?

Nelufer is a Muslim who does not wear a hijab (or veil).  Listen to her answer the question.

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Why does Nelufer choose to dress the way she does?

Now listen to Haisam tell you why he dresses the way he does.

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Why does Haisam wear dress related to his religion?

In recent times, some people have suggested that there should be a ban on religious dress or some types of religious dress.  This debate has been very big in France, where the government has banned the wearing of the burqa.  Could this ever happen in Australia?

Before any decision could be made to restrict what people can wear in Australia, the idea would need to be put to the Australian Parliament where the politicians would debate the issue and vote on whether it should become a law.  During this process many groups and individuals would contact members of parliament to try to persuade them to vote one way or another.

Imagine that a proposal for a law to ban the wearing of all items of religious clothing in public places was being considered by the Australian Parliament.  What would be the reasons for and against this law?

It's time for you to explore some arguments for and against this idea and then express your opinion.