Part B: Create your questionnaire

Meg, Sujato and Lex all have interesting stories to tell, but there are also lots of interesting people in your community.  In this activity you and your classmates are going to make a book about your community.  Each person in the class will talk to someone different and you will all write about your conversations.

Who will you choose to interview?  It could be a neighbour, a family friend, a shop-keeper or a sports coach.  You will first need to ask the person if they are happy for you to interview them for your class book about the local community.

To help you with your interview you are going to create a questionnaire with lots of interesting questions to ask.  Use the following instructions:

  1. Click here to download and save a questionnaire form to your computer.

  2. Use the arrows to select the questions you will ask from the drop down menus.  Decide which questions you think are the most interesting.  The last question is already selected for you.

  3. After you have made your selections, print out your questionnaire to use during your interview.

  4. Have your interview.  Write down short notes as you are listening to the person answer each question.  This will help you to remember their answers.

  5. After the interview, use a copy of the same questionnaire form to carefully write about what the person said in response to each question.  This will form one page in the class book.

When everyone in the class has finished, collect the pages to create a book about people in your community. Share the stories and enjoy!