Australian Curriculum Links

Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship

Year 5

  • The key values that underpin Australia’s democracy (ACHASSK115)

Year 6

  • The shared values of Australian citizenship and the formal rights and responsibilities of Australian citizens (ACHASSK147)
  • The obligations citizens may consider they have beyond their own national borders as active and informed global citizens (ACHASSK148)

Year 7

  • How Australia is a secular nation and a multi-faith society with a Christian heritage (ACHASSK196)
  • How values, including freedom, respect, inclusion, civility, responsibility, compassion, equality and a 'fair go', can promote cohesion within Australian society (ACHASSK197)
  • How groups, such as religious and cultural groups, express their particular identities; and how this influences their perceptions of others and vice versa (ACHASSK198)

Year 8

  • The freedoms that enable active participation in Australia's democracy within the bounds of law, including freedom of speech, association, assembly, religion and movement (ACHCK061)
  • The values and beliefs of religions practised in contemporary Australia, including Christianity (ACHCK065)
  • Different perspectives about Australia’s national identity, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, and what it means to be Australian (ACHCK066)
  • How national identity can shape a sense of belonging in Australia’s multicultural society (ACHCK067)

Year 9

  • How ideas about and experiences of Australian identity are influenced by global connectedness and mobility (ACHCK081)

This film and activities can also be used to develop Civics and Citizenship skills.  They supports the General Capabilities of Intercultural Understanding, Ethical Understanding and Personal and Social Capability.